Friday, September 23rd, 2011

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We’re happy to report that ZU-TAF touched down at Cape Town International today at 3:18pm local time. Pilots Mike Blyth and Jean d’Assonville took off yesterday from Cabo Frio, Brazil at 10:42Z (that’s 12:42pm SA time) in their South African-designed and built Sling 4 prototype on the penultimate stage of their round-the-world flight which began at Tedderfield Airpark South of Johannesburg on August 8.

Never mind that their marathon 26-and-a-half hour non-stop crossing of the Atlantic was done in a single-engined protoype aircraft, what is even more notable is that favourable tailwinds saw them touching down at Cape Town International just under 30 minutes earlier than their planned estimate. The Aerial Perspective was there to capture this auspicious occasion, having intercepted them over False Bay near Muizenberg, and escorting them in to touch-down.

Congratulations Mike and Jean, and the team at The Airplane Factory on this truly awe-inspiring achievement!

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