Tandem Paragliding


Tandem Paragliding includes a few choices –

Paramotor or free-flying,
Affordable “standard” or longer (cross country) flights,
Lionshead/Signal Hill or inland.

Book with us or purchase a gift voucher and experience what it is like to touch the sky!

Tandem Paragliding requires the passenger to have no previous knowledge of the sport at all. The pilot will take control, make good decisions and give you instructions shortly before the flight. It’s super easy – a few light steps forward and we’re in the air!
Almost anybody can fly with us; one simply needs a good state of health, good (closed) walking shoes and 1 to 2 hours of your time for a standard/motorised flight or a half day for a cross country flight.


A tandem flight is a cheap introduction to the sport, where we encourage our passengers to consider training with us to learn to fly themselves. As this can be an instructional flight: if the conditions are calm, the pilot will offer you the controls so that you can experience what it’s like to be the pilot and paraglide. We regularly show our adventurous clients how its done, as then they can even experience how to thermal the glider themselves with just a few minutes of “showing” from our part.

Our pilots are conservative (as we hope to retire at 65 years old) and we do not fly in poor weather. We have learned how to read the weather conditions very well over the years and check a multitude of weather forecasts and reports on (and during) each flying day. Please book early in your holiday as to allow contingency for “flying another day”. The flight, depending on the passengers’ wish, can either be acrobatic or sight-seeing and calm in nature. Call us on +27 83 463 7113 to book or inquire!

Paramotoring in Hout Bay, Cape Town

Paramotoring in Hout Bay, Cape Town

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