Paramotor Paragliding Flights this week – Fantastic Flying!

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

When searching for an ideal tandem paragliding site, our pilots must consider an array of variables for maximum fun and safety. Whilst Lion’s Head and Signal Hill are often suitable, the Cape Town wind and weather do not always play along. It is on these days that we recommend paramotoring; we can take off in virtually any wind direction and strength and from flat ground (rather than a typical hill-side paragliding takeoff site) and gain the freedom to explore where no paragliders can.

Flying high above, we can explore the beautiful Cape airspace like no other aircraft as we can guarantee our clients atleast 30 mins airtime (or longer for cross country flights). Using an intercom radio with noise-cancelling headphones built into the helmet, the noise of the paramotor does not distract us – we use the motor to gain altitude and may then switch it off to resume as “normal” paragliders, using the seabreeze and thermals to sustain the flight until we come to a soft landing.

See our pictures to find out more about our paramotoring services! Mail to to book your flight


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